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Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Second Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Biohazardous Waste Treatment Facility in Africa

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs Its Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) Treatment System at a Major University and Research Facility

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs Its Newest Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) Treatment System at a Combined Two-Hospital Facility

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs New Treatment System at Largest County Hospital District


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Major University and Research Facilities

Maryland, USA

The University research and facilities provides the state’s only public academic health, human services, and law center. Seven professional and graduate schools train the majority of the state's physicians, nurses, dentists, lawyers, social workers, and pharmacists, with 6,349 students and 6,717 faculty members and staff, and sponsored research totaling US $567.1 million in fiscal year 2010.  The University also operates a bio-park which promotes collaborative research opportunities and bioscience innovation.


Prior to Installation

Following Installation Inside Building

MDS®Discharge Through Building Wall to Dedicated Treated Waste Compactor

Treatment System Installation:
Among its many responsibilities, the Environmental Health and Safety Department manages the treatment and disposal of biohazardous waste for the University. This includes the biohazardous waste generated in all of its research activities. The facility has an on-site incinerator which has been used for many years to dispose of the waste, but at a significant operating cost. The assistant director of the department has also been a trainer on incinerator operation for the State.

The University issued a request for proposal for a new system to treat the biohazardous waste, with a special requirement for the system to be installed within the existing incinerator building and with the discharge of the treated waste passing through a wall to a compactor outside of the building. Micro-Waste® installed its latest technology. Since Micro-Waste® has its own engineering and manufacturing capabilities, it was no problem to modify the discharge to accommodate the unique requirements of the University. Following the sealed-bid competition, the University selected the environmentally-friendly and cost-effective Micro-Waste® Disinfection System® (MDS®) Treatment System, Model MDS-2481, to treat the majority of the biohazardous waste at the University and research facilities.



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