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Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Second Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

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Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia


Micro-Waste® installed its latest Micro-Waste® Disinfection System® (MDS®) treatment system at a commercial clinical waste treatment facility in southeast Asia. The Model MDS-2481, which uses microwave-assisted moist heat disinfection as in its other model, is the first microwave treatment system technology of this type installed on the Asian continent.

The MDS® treatment system was designed and manufactured in the United States by Micro-Waste Corporation®. The MDS-2481 was independently tested by one of the most respected laboratories in southeast Asia to ensure that the MDS® treatment system met the license requirements for the facility as well as the regulations issued by the Department of Environmental Quality. Facility personnel and laboratory personnel performed onsite biological disinfection efficacy testing using a standard disinfection test protocol of commercial Bacillus atrophaeus spores [or Bacillus subtilis (Niger)] as generally recommended by the State and Territorial Association on Alternative Treatment Technologies (STAATT) and as accepted by the Department of Environmental Quality.

The system provides the capability for treatment of regulated medical waste in accordance with the countries regulations for healthcare facilities. The system is expected to provide at installation a total operating cost (including labor, utilities, repair, maintenance, and waste disposal) of approximately 8 to 10 cents per pound, much less than the typical commercial medical waste transport and treatment costs of 15 to 30 cents per pound.



1. The Micro-Waste® Disinfection System® was shrink-wrapped for protection for truck transport from Micro-Waste's® fabrication facility in Fort Worth, Texas, to the Port of Los Angeles, California


2. The Micro-Waste® Disinfection System® was loaded by the factory overhead crane onto the low-boy trailer for shipment to the port for crating and ocean shipping.


3. The Micro-Waste® Disinfection System® was barrier-bagged at the port to prevent corrosion during ocean shipping.


4. The MDS-2481 was crated and sealed for ocean shipment, delivered to the facility from the port by tractor-trailer, then uncrated at the facility by facility personnel.


5. The system was installed by facility personnel, including scale weighing system, electrical connections, and water and drain piping in 2 days. The MDS® treatment system is manufactured with a weather-tight housing allowing installation both inside and outside for maximum flexibility for the facility.


6. The facility operator installed a temporary, open top treated waste container to allow for startup testing of the MDS® treatment system. All waste treated and discharged from the MDS-2481 is rendered generally unrecognizable as healthcare waste and is reduced in volume by approximately 80% and readily accepted by landfill operators. The treated waste has is slightly damp and has no free liquids.


7. The facility operator required that the MDS-2481 use the waste carts they specified. Since Micro-Waste® maintains its own engineering and manufacturing capabilities, the cart lift system can be designed and fabricated for any cart system required by the customer.


8. The cart filled with waste is rolled onto the platform scale of the weighing system.


9.The weighing system was calibrated in kg by a certified scale company for operational monitoring and regulatory reporting. The scale can be calibrated in either metric or imperial units.


10. The MDS-2481 received thorough preoperational testing by Micro-Waste® personnel onsite to verify that the System arrived on site without physical damage and ready for operation and performance testing. The system was operated by facility personnel as part of the onsite training.



11. As part of the Micro-Waste® training, facility operations personnel, supervisors, and management operated the system during component functional testing and biological efficacy performance testing.


12. Facility operations personnel performed biological testing by inserting standard commercial biological test samples below the shredder.


13. Facility operations management coordinated the biological performance testing to ensure that the MDS-2481 met facility license and regulatory requirements.


14. Performance testing biological samples were retrieved by operations personnel from the discharge of the MDS-2481.


15. The performance test biological samples were under the complete control of the highly recognized third-party laboratory approved by the regulatory agency. The test samples, with control test samples to ensure proper quality control and incubator operation, were managed and incubated by the laboratory at their facility. Following completion of the testing, the laboratory issued a certified report to the facility operators which was accepted by the regulators in support of the operating license of the facility for the commercial treatment of clinical waste.


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