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Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Second Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Clinical Waste Treatment Facility in Southeast Asia

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs MDS-2481 at Commercial Biohazardous Waste Treatment Facility in Africa

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs Its Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) Treatment System at a Major University and Research Facility

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs Its Newest Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) Treatment System at a Combined Two-Hospital Facility

Micro-Waste Corporation® Installs New Treatment System at Largest County Hospital District


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Micro-Waste Corporation® began as a private entity in 1989 to respond to the need to address the public's and healthcare industries' concern over improper disposal of biohazardous waste. Micro-Waste Corporation® was incorporated in Texas in 1990, and is a woman-owned business.

In 1989, Combustion Engineering - Environmental (CE-Environmental) owned Vetco Sanitec, Inc. in Germany, which developed, manufactured and installed a moist heat disinfection system as early as 1985, also known as the "microwave technology, "microwave system," "microwave disinfection system," "microwave disinfection unit," or similar names, using steam and microwaves for treating regulated medical waste in Europe. To assist CE-Environmental in bringing this technology to the United States, Micro-Waste® entered into a distributor/representative agreement with CE-Environmental. In 1990, ASEA Brown Boveri (ABB) purchased Combustion Engineering, and formed the company ABB Sanitec, Inc., to continue development and manufacturing of the moist heat disinfection or microwave products in the United States. Since 1990, the ownership of technology and the related trademarks changed hands several times through various entities including Sanitec, Inc., Sanitec Ltd., Sanitec International Holdings, Inc., Platinum Funding Corp., and Sanitec Group, LLC, as well as others, and Micro-Waste® maintained a distributor/representative agreement with the various entities. In support of the technology, Micro-Waste® worked with regulatory agencies to gain approval for use of the moist heat technology or microwave technology on a state-by-state basis in the southern US. It also provided support to the various owners in regulatory approval and sales in other states and in other countries.

Since 1989, Micro-Waste's® primary business has been to sell, service or manufacture the moist heat disinfection systems, and to provide related consulting services to the healthcare industry. Micro--Waste® has been the longest continuous provider of the moist heat disinfection technology. (See Moist Heat Disinfection Products). As a distributor, Micro-Waste® also provides Toter® carts primarily to the healthcare industry, and to regulated medical waste transportation and treatment companies, and the packaging industry (See Toter® Products)

In 2003, Micro-Waste® entered into a License Agreement with Sanitec Group, LLC, the successor-in-interest to the developer of a moist heat disinfection, "microwave" or "Sanitec process" technology and associated intellectual property. This License Agreement granted Micro-Waste™ a perpetual, non-exclusive, world-wide right and license to all of Sanitec Group, LLC's patent, copyright, trade secret, know how, and proprietary and intellectual property rights in Sanitec Group, LLC products, along with the right and license to manufacture, have manufactured, produce, alter, modify, use, market, and sell Sanitec Group, LLC products in all fields of use. The Sanitec Group, LLC products included Microwave Disinfection Units models HG-A-250S, HG-A-250M, HG-A-100S, and HG-A-100M. This License Agreement is now terminated, and Micro-Waste® is manufacturing its own moist heat disinfection equipment outside the constraints of the License Agreement.

Micro-Waste® delivered its first directly designed and manufactured moist heat disinfection system, the Model MW-250S, in 2005. (See News) In 2008, Micro-Waste® installed the first of its newest products, the Model MDS-2481.

With more than 27 years of experience selling, designing, manufacturing, modifying, repairing and/or operating regulated medical waste treatment technology, Micro-Waste's® technology is significantly improved above other products and the Micro-Waste® Disinfection System (MDS®) regulated medical waste treatment technology is the result. (See Comparison of Systems)












Micro-Waste® is independent of, not an agent for, and does not represent Sanitec Industries, Inc. or its products. "Sanitec" is a trademark of Sanitec Industries, Inc.

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